Thursday, February 18, 2010

Connecting the dots.

Reading Steve Jobs Speech about connecting the dots makes me wonder. Is it true everything happened for a reason or is it just pure coincidence? A serendipity?

Before I make this blog, I used to write some of my thought in Notes at Facebook. I got few of them, but when Facebook change its face, don't know why, all my notes are gone. And it kinda piss me off actually cause I realize it just when I feel like I wanna write again. And that's when I remember my long forgotten blog that I haven't touch it since the day that I make it. Which is about a year ago.
So here am I writing about nothing to ease my wondering soul.

Anyway, after I start blogging, many nice thing happened to me. Some of my friend think it's good and I thank them for it. Though I don't know which one the good part is.
Well, not all of them actually. But I like to pretend that what I'm about to tell you is nice.
You see, I told one of my friend about my blog. An old friend I rarely contact. And as the chit chatting goes, somehow she's offering me a job. A pretty good offer actually if I could say.
Yeah, she's been so nice to me for many times with her offer. But I don't know why, I just not in to it. Not just because I still have my responsibility to finished my current job here, but maybe that just wasn't my passion. And of course, she's mad at me for having many reason.

But nevertheless, having misfortune of loosing all my notes leads me to another fortunate event. So, is this what you called everything happened for a reason or just a slight coincidence?
Whatever it is, God sure work in a mysterious ways.

Every dots that connect must have its end. And I'll just have to find a way to reach my last dot.

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