Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Banana Pancakes

Few days ago friend of mine, show me a piece of lyric from a song "Better Together". The song was good. And I'm curious about the singer who turn out to be Jack Johnson. Search the net and look at the wiki to find out how many album he got. And download them all. :D
One of the album, In Between Dreams, it have a cool song called "Banana Pancakes". Nice song actually but what makes me curious is what is so special about this banana pancakes so he turn it into a song.
And so I find myself surfing through the deepest net to find some exotic recipes.
My first own homemade banana pancakes.

With some modification I made this into a not-bad-first-attempt banana pancake. Honey, duck egg, and a pouring cheese as a topping. What can I tell you.. I love to cook sometimes.
Just sometimes.. It's been a while since I go to the kitchen and make something. And what do you know.. It feel great!
Thanks to Jack Johnson and his Banana Pancakes..

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