Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Parking Guy

I just met the most friendliest parking guy in the world. He's so friendly he never stop smiling to anybody who parked there. And it is a very very HOT weather out there.

How much do this guy got for one day? Is he happy with what he do for living? And does he expect other people to return their smile to him? I don't think so.

Shame on me.

I have a friend. My dear friend since Junior High School. And whenever I tell her a joke, she just smile and never laugh. Don't know why. Until yesterday. I give her a link and she laugh all night long. And I said to myself; "YES! Today is the most beautiful day in my life.."

I like to make other people smile. Hell, I even make them laugh. And when I do that, I become the most happiest guy on earth. But sometimes I do that 'cause I'm expecting others might do the same to me too. Well, sometimes they do that. But I guess I'm expecting way too much. Until that parking guy change my view.

If you're happy making anyone else smile or even laugh, what more do you expect then? Sincere is the key to value life. And I need to learn more.
But the funny thing is, even though I love to make everybody smile, I don't smile a much (or perhaps never) nowadays..

Hope I could found someone who could make me.. :)

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