Sunday, February 14, 2010


"We actually only live for 3 days.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yesterday is about our past. What is done is done. No matter how bad our past was, there’s nothing you can do to change it. What u can do is simply keep up the good work.
Today is about how we live our life now. And it’s about making the right choice (or not..). But still, there’s always a choice. Just be careful where your step leads you.
Tomorrow is about how we live our dream. I think a dream is like an ice. You can make ice into an ice cream with many delicious flavor, or you just do nothing n watch it melt n turn to water."

That was taken from my first thing that I ever write about something in my whole life. And that was 2 years ago. January 11th, 2008 to be precise.
2 years ago.. 2 years and I don't feel like achieving something. I wonder what I will be in two years from now when I read this again.

Looks like I'm not a good ice cream man.

Many things that slip in my very eyes. Not respecting other is one of them. Others that actually do really care for me. And that are few indeed.
For all the ones that I have disappointed, please accept my deepest apology.

Nevertheless, everything I’ve done, will always be my shadow.
It will follow me where ever I go.

I never regret it.

'Cause what ever I do, it will never going to be white..

And now, I believe in someday. Not the past, the present or even the future. But someday.
Someday I will be found.
Cause if you hadn't found me, I would have found you.

And you will be the one and only, most delicious ice cream that I ever made. :)

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