Saturday, September 13, 2014


Word oh word keep tickling in my brain.
Hold my senses that I couldn't contain.
Flood of hope rushing through my vein.
Fold the past of a hundred pain.

Winter breeze the first smile of her.
Spring fill my heart with laughter.
Summer returns with a memory alter.

Autumn hope could be my life saviour.

Time goes by with her past of gray.
Patience to hear her tales day by day.
Pleased me when she asked for a pathway.
As we laugh about our game of wordplay.

All is well until that day comes.
The day when my tongue is numbs.
For her already choose what her becomes.
And I can only sing my silent hums.

Is it wrong to deny what I need?
Is it too late to offer my deed?
Is it a shame to admit my greed?
Or is just it my foolishness that mislead?

Autumn is when leaves are falling.

Falling like the heart that is breaking.
Have no regret for all my heart I have loving.
Till the day comes when she accept my ring.

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