Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Didn't you know you have a beautiful garden inside your eyes?

A place of sanctuary that can calm my nerves down. 
A place to begin all of our amazing journey soon to be. 
A place that I could rest my mind and call it home.

And what's a beautiful garden without an enchanting pond that shows in your smile.

A striking fountain that can easily swipe and melt the tip of an iceberg. 
A calm water ripple that reminds me of hope and dreams to conquer the world.
A gentle stream that can penetrate and unlock the deepest level of my heart.

Then suddenly a question pop up in my mind...

With over three point five billion women in this world, why it has to be you?

Why I can't find the beauty of a garden before in someone else's eyes?
Why I can't admire the sparkling fountain overflowing in someone else's smile?
Why has it to be you, whom imprisoned me inside your garden of Eden?

And why you had to throw away the key and made this garden become a dark hall of emptiness since you left me without a single word to say?


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