Saturday, September 20, 2014

Million Years

After a million years of fear.
For a search of one heart that I dear.
A glimpse of hope suddenly appear.
Like a light of heaven that is trying to interfere.

She came with a heart of no shame.
But fragile like a glass that never been frame.
Though her wanderer soul cannot be tamed.
Just like her burning thought that cannot be blamed.

The gaze of her eyes lies eternal peace.
As her smile froze my time like a broken timepiece.
Oh, how I imagine the softness of her lips takes my mind release.
Yet her voice keeps on serenades such a lovely masterpiece.

She shows me how to care, for I just merely a former misanthrope.
But why she still keep her heart in a sealed envelope?
If only she allow me to untie her from that tangled rope.
Or should I wait for another million years of hope?

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