Thursday, October 02, 2014

For What It's Worth

Something went wrong with my body last night and triggered a big question in my head, which I'm pretty not sure what caused it. It could be either my stomach kept on growling 'cause I hadn't eaten since morning or my mind had played tricks due to my recent loneliness -  as I couldn't find any single friend to accompany me having a fine dinner. 
Well, whatever the reason was, a question demands an answer. So, I started asking my closest friends this question:

"How do you know that something is worth fighting for?"

I realized that the question sounds cheesy. To my surprise, it turned out that each friend of mine had their different answer.
At first, I meant to ask them with a question that had a wide significance, like something related to their career, relationship, pets, or anything that they think is worth fighting for. However, most likely they gave a straight answer which involved with their relationship.

The first answer I get said that she will fight for something until the end, gets bored, and finds another thing that more worth fighting for.
A tough fighter indeed.

The second answer I get was almost satisfied my curiosity. She said that she knows something worth fighting for when she can sense the feeling between them is mutual. 
She got a point. Why risk anything, if you know that someone you don't like doesn't like you at all? Well, at least a little sign from her/him will spark your light, right?
A strong warrior princess.

The third answer I get said that you know something worth fighting for if you already experience and go through it by yourself. 
But what if you still don't know, is it worth fighting or not after you confront it? 
"Then walk away", she said. Leave that troublesome matter that you had been through behind. After all, you never know something or someone is precious to you until they're gone.
Hmm, a fine wise wizard.

Lastly, the fourth and final answer I had for this question, that my kind of question is intangible. The answer cannot be quantified because my best person is not quantify-able. 

Suddenly her answer tickled my mind and we had a long chat about this. She told me a story about one of her colleges whose marriage only last for a month simply because they're in a rush and couldn't clearly see "the signs".

At the end of our chat, she asked me a question, "What if it turns out that one of your exes is someone worth fighting for?

"Well, I think none of my exes is worth fighting for. Not because of their flaw or something, but just because I feel something is not right with us," a straight answer that came right out of my mouth.

"THAT'S IT! THERE'S YOUR ANSWER!", her silent scream has broken my anxiety. 

"Huh? I don't get it..?"

"You don't quantify, right? You just know. That's how you know that someone is worth fighting for. ... You just know"

A bright smile suddenly appeared on my face. The answer I've been looking for turned out lies within myself. I always believe in every question or doubt we had, we actually already had the answer to it. We just need someone to indulge ourselves that the answer is right.
But that time, it seemed that I have failed to recognize my own answer.

You just know.

You just know something is right when the time comes. Its like the universe will conspire with you to connect the dots that spread through the sky and lead your path to the bright side. All you have to do is finding the right keys which are patience and passion.

A fine answer from my dear brilliant lecturer friend managed to conclude all of the answers to my troublesome question of the night.

So, do you have someone or something worth fighting for? Well, I do now.

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