Monday, June 13, 2016


A few days ago, I watched this movie, The Equalizer, which I think is the most awesome action movie since The Raid 2. But I'm not here to discuss that movie. 
At the first of the scene, there was a quote by Mark Twain that kept me thinking through whole night. 
"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." 

The day that I was born was obviously important to me because if that day never comes, I wouldn't be here writing this. However, what interest me more is "The day I find out why." 

There are a lot of interpretations about this sentence, and I think it doesn't mean the-day-I-find-out-why I was born, because obviously we are born because the love of our parents.

...Yeah, let's just pretend I'm that naive.

I prefer to think it, about the "Why" itself. All kind of why. Human tend to dislike all kind of curiosity. So if we don't like it, we want to know why. 
We always seek for the answer.

"Why are you wearing red shirt today instead of the blue one?"

"Why do birds fly?"

"Why do you still love her despite your constant arguments about some silly stuffs?"

"Why my tears finally dried out, for thinking the outmost outrages reasons why we can't be together?"

"Why love even exist?"

....okay, I'm getting cheesy here. I better stop it.

So there are various question that need an answer, or you think it needs an answer.

Sometimes it's just a small thing and sometimes it even causes a huge argument if you don't get an answer.

Sometimes it could come in a form of knowledge. Because our brain is like a sponge that never satisfy to absorb all kind of information to quench our thirst of knowledge.

Whatever, the moment, or the day you find that answer, will be one of those important days of your life.

So that way, you will always appreciate your moments and have the spirit of welcoming a brand new day.

And always remember,

Sometimes you find answers where you least expect them.

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